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National Museum of Natural History

It is one of the oldest in America; was founded on 14 September 1830 by Sage French naturalist Claudio Gay.
The building is of Neoclassical style and is located in the Quinta Normal Park.

You will find a large whale skeleton and stuffed animals. A permanent exhibition that begins with the origin of the universe and continues with an ecological vision of the Chilean territory. And a replica of "The Guardian"; body of an Inca child found at the top of Cerro El Plomo. He died of hypothermia in the ritual Capacocha, drunk with corn alcohol to be offered to the sun.

Indigenous organizations arrive at the Museum for the Inti Raimi (Inca new year) to worship him.


Parque Quinta Normal
Santiago, Chile

Quinta Normal

Tuesday to Saturday of 10:00 to 17:30 h.
Sundays and holidays: 11:00-17:30 h

56 2 26804603